Hanseatenweg → Hall 1

4 pm

Marcus Schmickler: Ludwig van, Kraftwerk

Ludwig van, Kraftwerk – eine kritische Diskothek is an experimental lecture on Kagel's view of how Beethoven was received around 1970 and Schmickler’s perspective on it now. The central point of reference is Kagel's film Ludwig Van, which he realised in 1970 on the occasion of L. v. Beethoven's 200th birthday on behalf of WDR. "Is Beethoven's music ever misused?" asks Werner Höfer, following the format of the political talk show Der Internationale Frühschoppen in the film. In his experimental film, Kagel addresses plural positions between the artefacts of the experience society and the relevant achievements of the avant-garde of the 20th century. The post-modern "disposition or state of mind" discussed in the film does not follow any obsessions with unity but rather revels in an irreducible conflict between the many languages, mindsets and ways of living. In the year of the film première, Kagel invited the band Kraftwerk, which had only been formed six months previously, to his "Musiksalon" in Aachen. The band played a concert there referencing Ludwig van Beethoven's 15th String Quartet Op.132. The "Musiksalon" was Kagel’s installation at the 'Neue Galerie' in Aachen, founded by Irene and Peter Ludwig.

In May 2020, Kraftwerk, who have become music icons themselves, will play their only concert in Germany to mark their 50th anniversary at BTHVN2020, an international Beethoven festival initiated by the City of Bonn involving hundreds of events.

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